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Etna [photo de vue] N. photos: 18

The white of the snow and the black of the stones, the red of the lava and the treen of the forests: the Etna, majestic and restless dominates Sicily from a height of 3350 mts, in a succession of brilliant colors and beautiful landscapes.

Fiume Alcantara [photo de vue] N. photos: 15
Fiume Alcantara

The rever Alcantara, born from the Nebrodi for then to flow in the Ionic Sea. During its route, it is able to reserve innumerable and suggestive surprises to the tourist.

Castiglione di Sicilia [photo de vue] N. photos: 24
Castiglione di Sicilia

Perched on a hill at over 600 metres above sea level. It rises over the valley of the Alcantara, stretching as far the slopes of Etna. Its territory spreads between teh wonder of the Etna Park and the unique landscape of the Alcantara Gorge.

Randazzo [photo de vue] N. photos: 18

Is situated at the crosscroads of three important provinces: Catania, Messina and Enna. It is environmental and architectural pearl, set in the hearth of an unique land, with important museums and Medieval buldings too.

Francavilla di Sicilia [photo de vue] N. photos: 21
Francavilla di Sicilia

Origins of the town began around Norman times; even though an archaelogical site, dating from V century BC, supports that that there was a Greek Colony. Home of Alcantara Fluvial Park and it is full of history and beautiful trekking routes.

Taormina [photo de vue] N. photos: 15

Taormina, unique and inimitable pearl in the world, a masterpiece created by the nature, where art reigns in full harmony with the surrounding landscape, where mountain and sea seem so near to touch each other.

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